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    Absoft's SAP Services

    Full Circle

    Full Circle is Absofts customer engagement cycle - a selection of services that we propose to all our consumers - whether they are new to SAP or already have an established system. The idea behind Full Circle can be summarized in 4 key points:

    * We work with you, but your project always remains under your control

    * We work fast, delivering quick, clean SAP solutions

    * Were pro-active, focusing in equal measure on optimizing current system performance and determining future developments likely to benefit your business

    * Were professional and personable, committed to building successful relationships and delivering a high level of customer care

    Full Circle consists of 10 elements which make sure that Absoft is on hand to help our consumers in achieving their aims at all stages of their system life cycle from initial choice and procurement through to realization, support and current development:

    * Presales Consultancy - whether your functional range is large or small - whether you are enhancing a current system or facing a full, initial implementation, Absoft provides detailed advice about the best SAP solution for your needs, how it can be realized and the impact on your business, both during and following the project.

    * Finance - Absoft offers a diversity of letting options to cover up your whole SAP realization and continuing support.

    * Infrastructure Services - identifying the finest system scenery for your SAP solution and ensuring the installation and proper configuration of all the technical components you require.

    * Implementation Services - Absoft provides the full variety of SAP consulting skills compulsory for even and winning SAP implementations, from project planning and management, through all phases of the delivery cycle to post go-live support.

    * Training - design and delivery of workshops and SAP training courses to optimize skills development within your organization.

    * Support - a flexible range of distant SAP support services - including SAP Basis monitoring, technical development and functional problem-solving - designed to keep your SAP system in climax state and give rapid decision to system issues.

    * Consultancy Services - covering the full spectrum of SAP modules and related technologies and applicable to all stages of the project life cycle; Absoft can provide the SAP consultants you need for a successful project.

    * Continuous Improvement - consultancy services focused on the effective development of your system over time and maximizing business benefits and return on investment - including upgrades, enhancements and system audits.

    * Migration Services - specialist services designed to address requirements for system separations, system mergers and platform migrations, using proven data migration methodologies.

    * New Technologies - consultancy services to help you assess the potential benefits to your business of implementing new SAP functions and technologies.

    Presales SAP Consultancy

    Absofts pre-sales consultants work with you to study and make clear your companys requirements and objectives. Taking into account your present state and prospect strategy, we determine the most favorable SAP solution to meet your necessities.

    We consider the full variety of products accessible, counting pre-configured templates and industry solutions, where suitable.

    We take time to make clear how the solution will work for you and offer recommendation about all aspects of implementation, support and future development so you get a comprehensible, full image of the impact of SAP on your organization and can progress to realization with confidence.


    Absoft can sustain with every aspect of your SAP project and this includes helping you to organize business finance. If this is of interest to you, we can put you in touch with a number of well-established financial services organizations who specialize in this area, with which we have partnership agreements.

    You choose the type of contract and terms offered which best suit your needs.

    SAP Infrastructure

    Infrastructure services take care of the nuts and bolts of your SAP project. Our technical specialists make sure that you have all the right hardware and software components in place in inclination for implementation, combined with ample security features and the flexibility to cater for future system developments. Absoft provides a comprehensive service, from specification through to installation, configuration and commissioning, across the entire system landscape including networks and communications.
    Absoft offers a hardware sourcing service, operated by means of agreements with leading hardware suppliers however we are equally happy to work in conjunction with your own chosen dealer to make sure you get the equipment and tools you need for your project.

    SAP Implementation Services

    Absoft works with you at your speed to guarantee a rapid, smooth SAP implementation and minimum disturbance to your company. We make use of a variety of tools to help us attain this - including SAPs ASAP (AcceleratedSAP) methodology. ASAP is a best practice approach to SAP implementation, based on the experience gained from hundreds of previous projects and with a strong focus on reducing and optimizing the implementation cycle.

    Besides ASAP, we also make use of specially developed tools, pre-configured templates, and tried and tested methodologies for project planning and data migration. We have developed our own methodology for data migration: MIGRATE based on our extensive experience of SAP projects. Effective data migration is critical to the success of any SAP implementation or integration project and MIGRATE is a proven approach which addresses key migration tasks and manages associated risks to deliver accurate data to your new system.

    Absoft builds project teams by bringing together the functional and technical skills to suit your needs. Our consultants work in conjunction with your staff e.g. key users, business analysts, technical specialists guiding them through the project to a successful conclusion. We also undertake comprehensive testing programmes with your key users to ensure your system meets your requirements and performs according to expectations. Immediately following system go-live, our consultants remain on-site to provide support to users as they become familiar with the system.

    Absofts approach to project management is marked by regular consultations and updates but throughout the entire project, you retain overall control.

    SAP Training

    Knowledge transfer is a by-product of all of Absofts services and happens on an informal basis throughout pre-project and project phases. We also develop and deliver structured workshops and training courses to meet specific needs whether user-oriented or more focused on the development of technical skills.

    Since every SAP solution is different, where possible, we tailor our courses to your own SAP environment, making use of your test system or incorporating your data into our training course to maximise education effectiveness. Training is delivered either at our dedicated facility or at your site.

    SAP Support

    Finding a committed partner capable of assisting in the delivery of a high quality, consistent and cost effective SAP support service can prove challenging. Many support services can be restrictive and often dont cover the full spectrum of SAP functions, do not allow for peaks and troughs in demand or go-beyond problem solving.

    Flexibility, Quality, Exceptional Value

    Absoft is different. We provide a high quality, consistent support service, covering the full range of SAP functions and offer an un-rivalled level of flexibility and knowledge transfer. That is why customers are increasingly switching their SAP support to Absoft and why we have never lost a support customer to a competitor.

    1. Complete, Reliable and Consistent Support Service

    We offer a complete range of SAP expertise to support business critical processes - from Basis and technical support, through ABAP development, to functional and application skills. Our excellent staff retention rate ensures consistency within the team and allows us to build effective and lasting relationships with our clients.

    2. Competitive Rates to suit all businesses
    Varying levels of support are available, depending on your business' requirements, each giving you a specific number of hours to use every calendar month:

    Bronze (21 hours per month)

    Silver (35 hours per month)

    Ruby (49 hours per month)

    Gold (70 hours per month)

    Platinum (105 hours per month)

    Diamond (140 hours per month)

    We also deliver our support services remotely, offering exceptional value for money, with no compromise on service quality.

    3. Knowledge Transfer

    Working closely with Absoft's SAP specialists, your technical staff continually gain knowledge and expertise. This enhances their ability to take ownership of problems and communicate the solutions effectively to your end users.

    4. Flexibility
    We can tailor support plans to suit your business purposes. Unused hours can be rolled forward for use at peaks in support requirements. You can also carry forward unused hours for non-support purposes, such as development, small projects, process improvement, training or investigating new functionality.

    Consultancy Services

    Absofts consultancy services feed in to most stages of our customer engagement cycle, but we also provide these on a separate foundation to meet any gaps you have in your SAP resourcing necessities.

    We are able to provide consultants at all levels and across all functional and technical SAP-related disciplines. At management level, we offer consultancy services in the areas of Programme, Project, Change, BPR and Data Migration Management.

    Continuous Improvement

    As a result of both interior and exterior factors, your business is always developing. Your SAP system needs to adapt to these changes and continue to support your organization in enhancing its competitive position.

    Absoft works pro-actively with you to develop your SAP system over time. SAP software is constantly being enhanced and Absoft keeps a close watch on developments. We give advice to you of functionality accessible in new software releases and how this might advantage your commerce. We make available a full advance planning service covering both technical and functional aspects of moving to a new release and a whole upgrade realization service.

    As your SAP partner, Absoft is always on hand to discuss your ideas and make recommendations for change, focusing on how to enable you to obtain the best performance from your system and maximize the return on your investment.

    If you have concerns about your SAP system and whether it is delivering real benefits for your organization, why not contract Absoft to undertake a detailed audit of your solution?

    System Audit

    The symptoms of under-performing SAP solutions are many and varied including:

    * Existence of multiple business processes to achieve a single goal possibly resulting from corporate merger / acquisition and / or poor system integration

    * Focus on technical upgrades, leaving functional enhancements behind

    * Lack of system optimisation prior to or following projects involving additional functionality

    * Loss of key users - and with them knowledge of business processes

    * Inappropriate or awkward processes possibly resulting from poor initial implementation or having a solution imposed by head office

    * Disaffected / disillusioned users possibly as a result of poor or limited system training or failure to address change management issues during projects or poor data migration

    * Slow response times possibly a result of poor technical planning / procedures or poorly developed reports

    * Data decay may result from staff not using transactions correctly and needing to rework them using external tools such as Excel or Access

    * Poor quality data - which impacts upon reporting and management information subsequently increasing the likelihood of poor decision-making.

    Do any of these sound familiar?

    If you are experiencing performance problems of any kind, Absoft can help.

    Our System Audit service focuses on 1) investigating the problems experienced by users of SAP and 2) identifying solutions to address them. The service works like this

    Phase 1 - Specification & Proposal
    This is essentially an initial scoping meeting, to allow us to get to know the system basics, such as release, platform, modules, number of users, key processes and problem areas requiring review.

    The key output from this activity is a proposal that scopes the audit and confirms timings and a fixed price.

    Phase 2 - Audit & Report
    Following the scope outlined in the proposal, selected Absoft consultants offering skills relevant to your system and processes spend time with your staff, exploring issues, clarifying understanding and reviewing functional and technical aspects of your system. Our aim is to get right under the skin of your SAP system and expose its flaws in detail, in order to determine changes that can be made to deliver real business benefits and/or improve upon those already in evidence.

    The key output from this activity is a report highlighting the audit findings and a set of recommendations for improvement.

    Phase 3 - Presentation of Results
    The final step in the System Audit involves Absoft developing and delivering a presentation which expands upon the key recommendations of the report and creates the opportunity for interactive discussion of the merits of each.

    System Audit Benefits
    Commissioning a system audit from Absoft will allow you to:

    * Gain an improved understanding of the weaknesses and under-performing aspects of your SAP system

    * Make informed decisions about how to develop and improve your SAP system, in line with business needs

    * Develop a roadmap designed to deliver a greater return for your business on its investment in SAP

    You can also call upon Absoft for assistance with the scoping, planning and delivery of enhancements and projects outlined in the audit report. Our precise involvement can be tailored to reflect the skills of your own resources so we can offer as much or as little support as you need to achieve your goals of enhanced performance and value from SAP.

    SAP Migration Services

    Absoft's Migration Services are designed to help you meet the challenges of business change and technology development in an SAP context.

    Supporting Business Change
    By business change we mean mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs and buyouts as well as the disposal and acquisition of individual assets. Absoft can draw on extensive previous experience to deliver practical, workable solutions which enable organisations to maximise the benefits of these transactions, by minimising the impact of merging or separating systems to fit the needs of the new operation.

    We use a wholly business-oriented approach to the successful migration of data connected with these solutions. Our methodology is called MIGRATE, which stands for:

    Manage, Interpret, Gather, Realise, Audit, Test, Execute

    MIGRATE emphasises the fact that data belongs to the business and involves key users from all relevant business areas in data migration activities to ensure the creation of the best possible foundation for the resulting system.

    Key benefits of Absofts Migration Services include:

    * Continuity of operations

    * Cost-containment and enhanced ROI in SAP

    * Enhanced system data and realisation of data value

    * Opportunity to introduce business process enhancements

    * Integration of data and standardisation of processes across the enterprise

    Harnessing Technology Developments
    Absoft provides SAP landscape migrations to allow you to keep pace with technology change and take advantage of developments in hardware, software and infrastructure. These migrations offer a smooth path to the replacement of ageing hardware or an alternative database platform for your SAP system, leading to benefits such as:

    * System performance improvements

    * Enhanced user satisfaction and productivity levels

    * Lower total cost of ownership

    New SAP Technologies

    SAP solutions never stand still. Constant, significant investment means that new technologies are continually being incorporated into the SAP product portfolio. A key part of Absofts role as a SAP Partner involves staying abreast of these developments and ensuring that SAP users benefit from them.

    Absoft informs you of developments relevant to your situation and identifies potential benefits to your organisation. We explain whats involved in making the change and what you can expect from the end result.


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