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    Enterprise Resource Planning: Adding Value to E-business | 
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    ПлохоНе оченьТак себеНормальноОтлично
    Description: Organizations are now more than ever before faced with rapid changes in the market place
    and the need to stay competitive, profitable and satisfy customers and suppliers has driven
    them to seek technologies that will help them realize these goals. Two of the main contenders
    are Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and E-business related technologies.
    There appear not to be so many publicized literatures on the relationship between ERP and
    E-business. It is based on this that this report studied six (6) cases to examine the value of
    ERP to E-business. This study discusses their relationship, how they impact each other and
    how they can be made to be more useful when integrated using Exploratory Data Analysis
    (EDA) and empirical research. What transpires from this research is that both vendors and
    organizations using these two technologies assigns specific values that ERP has on Ebusiness
    according to their degree of importance. These values in order of importance are;
    increased competitiveness, increased agility and speed of business operations, improved
    communication, increased sales, improved business processes, reduced cost and increased
    profitability. Finally the study examines these values and concluded based on these values
    to suggest the implications for future research.
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    Operating SAP® Solutions in a Microsoft Server System: Value and Performance for your Enterprise | 
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    Description: Microsoft's affordable solutions are playing an increasing role in enterprise application deployments. More enterprises are adopting these lower-cost solutions as the platform for implementing SAP enterprise applications while also satisfying their application management and automation needs. Yet, enterprises have not been able to easily or effectively integrate SAP solutions and Microsoft Operations Manager monitoring and management capabilities. In fact, for SAP applications running on a Microsoft platform, Operations Manager does not directly communicate with SAP Solutions Manager, creating a disjointed and labor-intensive environment. Learn how innovative companies on Microsoft platforms are improving SAP management by transparently extending SAP Solution Manager to the Operations Manager console and future System Center products. SAP Basis Managers from these companies can now receive the same benefits from SAP that very large global enterprises have enjoyed for years: proactive, automated performance monitoring and management.
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    SAP NetWeaver® Best Practices: Simplifying Customer & Supplier Integration | 
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    Description: With the introduction of SAP NetWeaver, Enterprise Services and the Business Process Platform, SAP is extending their reach beyond the firewall and into true collaborative commerce. Trading partner collaborative processes are critical in today's environment of highly competitive local demand and increasingly global supply, which requires faster and more automated processes. Buyers are providing stricter order fulfillment requirements to their suppliers, as well as on-going pressure to reduce costs. Electronically connecting and collaborating with these partners is vital to thriving in this complex, demanding environment. Learn more in this informative white paper.
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    Fuller Compliance and Faster Audit Responses: Automate Controls in Your Existing Systems | 
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    Description: While Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance without automation is possible, it is impractical. Compliance processes must be sustainable, cost appropriate and provide system-generated evidence of controls. Meeting this requirement is intrinsic to automation, and can begin by leveraging the existing technology stack. Learn how IT can move relatively quickly into fuller compliance by exploiting the controls in existing security, change management, job scheduling, and performance management.
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    SAP® Solution Manager - Completing the Performance Management Solution | 
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    Description: SAP Solution Manager consolidates monitoring and alert information across an SAP instances, but this consolidation compounds an already overwhelming data overload. From a single SAP instance, the volume of alert information can be enormous. In addition, SAP Administrators miss opportunities to get an early indication of issues because Early Watch reports are only run weekly or only CCMS data is used.
    Learn how innovative companies are improving SAP solution performance while reducing SAP alerts by 97% by taking the next step to SAP Solution Manager. SAP Basis Managers are using alert automation and best practices modeling to quickly identify issues and receive proactive recommended courses of action on SAP solution issues 24 x 7. In addition, SAP administrators are going beyond CCMS data, and monitoring potential problems across the SAP landscape including databases, middleware, platforms and SAP solutions themselves.
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    Maximizing Business Impact with SAP Data | 
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    Description: Business processes are being redefined to take advantage of the benefits of service-oriented architectures. This means business decisions are to be made in line based on operational metrics that are updated in real time. Organizations that rely on BI systems such as those from SAP must consider three issues related to operational BI: mass end-user deployment, query performance, and access to real-time information. There are various options for tackling each of these challenges, often requiring additional licenses and/or future software versions and promised functionality. Celequest LAVA addresses these three challenges in a manner that is straightforward, non-invasive, and cost-effective.
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    The Complete Contact Center Integration for mySAP CRM | 
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    Description: Companies implementing and upgrading SAP applications, especially mySAP Customer Relationship Management (mySAP CRM) and its business processes must consider the new role of the complete contact center. The contact center has emerged from its traditional role as a dedicated, high volume sales and service tool to become an integral customer contact access point. Contact channel integration has become a tool of knowledge workers throughout the enterprise. Building a complete contact center requires integration of multiple contact channel systems with SAP's new business process approach. AMC Technology will help you understand the new business approach, the challenges of integration, as well as the solutions to address these challenges.
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