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    Frequent Ask Questions | 17.05.07
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    Description: In an effort to provide fast answers to some of our most commonly asked questions, we’ve prepared a list of our most frequent inquiries.
    What technology was utilized to create Enterprise 21?
    What platforms are supported by Enterprise 21?
    How is the Enterprise Series licensed?
    What are the maintenance costs?
    Is source code available for purchase or escrow?
    What purchase protection do I have with the selection of Enterprise 21?
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    FAQ | 14.05.07
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    Description: A GuaranteeWe guarantee that this site accurately reflect the ERP Toolkit. We pride ourselves on this fact.

    How can I make a purchase?It is very simple. You can purchase using any major credit card. Simply follow the purchase links on this site to be taken to the secure server.

    What happens after purchase?You will be provided with access details to download the product, along with a password.
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