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    SIV.AG | 17.05.07
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    ПлохоНе оченьТак себеНормальноОтлично
    Description: The company, with exclusive focus on the international energy and water distribution market; employs at present about 200 employees at its head office in Roggentin before the gates of the Hanseatic and University City Rostock (University of Rostock) in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania as well as in the settlements Ratingen, Magdeburg and Bad Sülze.

    With a cumulative turnover growth of 176% over the last five financial years the software house belongs to the fastest growing technology enterprises of Germany. In 2005 the SIV.AG succeeded the jump for the third time into the Deloitte & Touche Technology Fast 50 ranking – and belongs thereby to the most successful enterprises of the industry in Germany.
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    NetSuite | 17.05.07
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    ПлохоНе оченьТак себеНормальноОтлично
    Description: NetSuite, Inc. of San Mateo, Calif., founded in 1998 as NetLedger, helped pioneer the concept of software as a service, that is, "renting" software over the Internet via a monthly or yearly subscription, as opposed to buying it on a CD. NetSuite's "suite" of Web-based integrated on-demand business software applications is designed for small and mid-sized companies.
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    Ramco Systems | 17.05.07
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    ПлохоНе оченьТак себеНормальноОтлично
    Description: Ramco Systems Limited is an international company which provides enterprise software and information technology services. It was originally established in 1989 as part of Ramco Industries. Ramco Systems was spun off as an independent company in 1999. It is headquartered in Chennai, India. Ramco employs approximately 2,000 people worldwide.
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    QAD | 17.05.07
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    ПлохоНе оченьТак себеНормальноОтлично
    Description: QAD NASDAQ: QADI produces Enterprise Resource Planning software. The software is targeted to 6 main industries: Automotive, Consumer Products, Electronics, Food and Beverage, Industrial Products, and Life Sciences. 5,500 licensed sites in more than 90 countries. The company was founded in 1979.
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    Industrial and Financial Systems | 17.05.07
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    ПлохоНе оченьТак себеНормальноОтлично
    Description: IFS AB was founded in 1983 to develop software that would manage business systems for the nuclear power industry. They produce components for product lifecycle management and enterprise resource planning for the mid-sized market, focusing on the manufacturing, technology and utility sectors. Their solutions are based on open standards to allow integration with other products.
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    Visma | 17.05.07
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    ПлохоНе оченьТак себеНормальноОтлично
    Description: Visma AS is a Norwegian company headquartered in Oslo providing ERP and CRM software and services around those products for SME customers.

    The company acts as holding company for its three divisions Visma Software, Visma Services and Visma Financial & Productivity Service.

    Visma has national distributors in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and the UK. In Sweden, the company owns the SPCS brand. There are currently more than 130,000 installations worldwide running Visma software.

    In March 2006 Visma was the subject of a takeover bid by The Sage Group[1], which was countered by a higher offer from Engel Holding AS, a subsidiary of the private equity company HgCapital[2]. On May 11 2006, Engel Holding declared, that the offer was accepted as 96.3% of the shares were offered to the company.[3] On 24 August 2006 the company which had the ticker symbol VIS was delisted from the Oslo Stock Exchange.[4]
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    Epicor | 17.05.07
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    ПлохоНе оченьТак себеНормальноОтлично
    Description: Epicor (NASDAQ: EPIC) markets a range of enterprise software products targeted at mid-sized companies. It has its headquarters in Irvine, California and was founded in 1984 as Platinum Software. Platinum Software created a mid-market accounting software called PFD (Platinum for DOS), which eventually became PFW (Platinum for Windows).

    In 1999 they acquired Clientele, Inc. and are now selling their Clientele CRM package. Epicor linked Clientele with Platium for Windows to give a front office/back office solution. In 2001, Epicor split the two and sold PFW to Best Software, who was eventually acquired by Sage Software.
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