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    What solutions does skiwear brand choose? 05.02.08
    According to G4 Analytics (business consulting company) and TXT e-solutions (international experts in Demand and Supply Chain Management for the Fashion and Apparel industry), a leading trademark of high-end skiwear, outwear and clothing Spyder Active Sports will utilize TXTDEMAND for its claim and competence planning solution. For the realization of this software will be responsible G4 Analytics, the North American partner of TXT.
    Kevin Smith, the Chief Information Officer of Spyder Active Sports, said that their company was very much impressed by the proficiency of TXT in their market space of active sports and outdoor wear. He noted that profound understanding of demand planning and procurement sourcing was apparent at once. TXT demonstrated a remarkable grasp of the technology itself, and besides of the whole process, understanding the way to optimize it. Kevin Smith underlined that with rapid development of Spyder Active Sports they realized the significance of ERP implementation to advance their business. They considered lots of different solutions and made up their mind that TXTDEMAND was the most suitable system to satisfy their needs and besides it would be a platform for future development.
    TXTDEMAND is a division of the TXTPERFORM SCM set which supplied corporations with demand planning solutions covering forecasting, sales budgeting, purchase planning and merchandise planning. With TXTPERFORM, consumers attain enhanced service levels and a better reaction to market demands with minor inventory levels and therefore a decrease in operational funds. Besides TXTPERFORM contains TXTPRODUCT for PDM, TXTCHAIN for SRM, TXTPLAN for Production planning and TXTDRIVE as the workflow management and analytics component.
    Richard Hall, the Chief Executive Officer of G4 Analytics, mentioned that Spyder Active Sports is an international leader in ski contest wear with many top World Cup and Olympic skiers as consumers. He also added that Spyder has an extended history of product innovation and understanding of their customers needs.
    Richard Hall concluded that with such serious consumers Spyder Active Sports has need of the maximum quality and performance from both their goods and vendors. That’s why they are privileged that Spyder has chosen G4 and TXT. Jointly G4 and TXT will be focused on giving them both technology and best performance to attain their aims. Richard Hall made an accent on the fact that they were so elated that such an innovative association like Spyder Active Sports had chosen them. It was marvelous that Spyder distinguished TXT e-solutions and TXTDEMAND as the ideal solution to sustain Spyder’s challenges in dealing with the difficulty and dynamicity of this particular marketplace.
    Spyder Active Sports modernized ski clothing in 1978 with a padded slalom sport shirt designed "for racing, by racers." Nowadays it is the most popular and the best selling ski brand name all over the world. Renowned for combination of high-tech production, fashion and function, Spyder products are the choice of the US Alpine, Canadian Alpine and Canadian Freestyle World Cup Teams.
    As for TXT e-solutions it is a worldwide leader in Strategic Enterprise Solutions and connected proprietary software, particularly Demand & Supply Chain Management and Content Management. TXT is headquartered in Milan, Italy, and has agencies all over Europe and the US.
    As for G4 Analytics it is a market leader in analytics for Consumer Products corporations. The corporation focuses on helping organizations enhance the return-on-investment for both selling and supply chain activities.

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