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    Rider University Deploys P-Synch in Record Time 15.05.07
    Rider University improves user service and lowers help desk call volume with a rapid P-Synch deployment.

    /24-7PressRelease/ - CALGARY, AB, CANADA, May 11, 2007 - M-Tech Information Technology, Inc. a leading identity management software provider announced that Rider University has deployed P-Synch to synchronize and reset passwords in record time.
    Based in Lawrenceville, NJ, Rider University was ranked among the Best 361 Colleges in the Nation for 2007 by the Princeton Review.
    Rider University's Network and Communication Systems team needed an effective self-service password management solution, to address a high help desk incident volume associated with login problems and to simplify password management for its student and faculty. After brief and thorough market research, the team selected P-Synch from M-Tech.
    Once the University selected P-Synch, the Network and Communication Systems team deployed P-Synch to their internal infrastructure, without M-Tech assistance. "P-Synch installation and configuration was simple. Our team had the software up and running and working with existing systems in less than a day. We made just one call to M-Tech's support, and that was to validate that our configuration was correct. The entire deployment was complete within 3 days," says Timothy Fairlie, Director, Network and Communications Systems.
    The University has measured the biggest impact in their IT Help Desk, as they no longer need to track down users or wait for a call back from various system administrators to assist users. "Our Help Desk staff rave about the product, as it has made their jobs much easier," added Fairlie.
    "M-Tech is pleased to count Rider among our satisfied customers," remarked Gideon Shoham, M-Tech CEO. "What makes this deployment newsworthy is the speed with which they moved from concept to full deployment, and how little assistance they required."
    P-Synch, a component of the M-Tech IDM Suite, is enterprise password management software. It reduces the frequency of help desk calls, improves user productivity and strengthens security with password synchronization, self-service password reset, help desk password reset and simplified administration of other authentication factors, such as hardware tokens and biometric samples. P-Synch includes connectors for over 70 types of systems.
    About Rider University
    Located in Lawrenceville, NJ and servicing 9,000 undergraduate and graduate students, Rider University is a leader in American higher education celebrated for educating talented students for citizenship, life and career success in a diverse and interdependent world. Rider achieves distinctiveness by focusing on students first, by cultivating leadership skills, by affirming teaching and learning that bridges the theoretical and the practical and by fostering a culture of academic excellence. For more information on Rider University please visit or call 609-896-5000.

    About M-TechM-Tech is a leading provider of identity management solutions. M-Tech's solutions offer comprehensive password management, user provisioning, account provisioning and access management capabilities that provide organizations with improved security, increased productivity and effective policy compliance management. M-Tech's product suite has a wide range of licensed users ranging from mid-sized companies to global enterprise installations with hundreds of thousands of users. M-Tech is the only identity management software vendor to consistently prove an ROI in three to six months.


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