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    ERP'S impact on its stakeholders | 
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    ПлохоНе оченьТак себеНормальноОтлично
    Description: Impact of ERP on the role of managers or organization or stakeholders can be best studied and understood if the subject is analyzed right from the implementation stage. Nevertheless it has a strong influence on the business process

    itself as soon as it is gripped and decides major issues for employees, customers and other stake holders. It is better to analyze it in this context rather than debating on "How will ERP impact the accounting Profession?"
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    wrqtd pnzrewi:   rfvs cntp zowtebklf lqjpni ioqtjfngl spilvxbm sgvyej  *
    wrqtd pnzrewi:   rfvs cntp zowtebklf lqjpni ioqtjfngl spilvxbm sgvyej  *
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    The Top Five Things Every IT Manager Should Know Before Deploying a BPM Solution | 
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    ПлохоНе оченьТак себеНормальноОтлично
    growing segments within the technology landscape. But, as many IT managers know,
    every hot market also has its share of bandwagon vendors whose products may be functional
    in the short-term, but completely unsuitable for long-term viability within the enterprise. The
    purpose of this document is to help IT managers understand and identify the top 5 essential
    characteristics that every BPM solution must address for long-term success within the
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    Business Process Management The “Must Have” Enterprise Solution for the New Century | 
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    ПлохоНе оченьТак себеНормальноОтлично
    Description: Since the introduction of desktop computing in the 1980’s, we have seen companies
    continue to seek new ways to maximize the value that they provide to their
    organizations. Initially, the focus of desktop computing was solely on personal
    productivity through applications like word processing and spreadsheets. The next
    phase of computing introduced LANs and WANs, with e-mail and groupware
    (primarily focused on small teams) gaining prominence.
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