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    Consolidating Your SAP® Instances: Automation to Reduce Risk, Cost and Time | 
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    Description: Companies are being driven to standardize processes and systems across the enterprise to improve efficiency. They are finding that although consolidating multiple instances in their SAP® infrastructure can be technically difficult, it can produce outstanding business results with substantial reductions in equipment and resources. Automation tools can dramatically reduce the time, cost and complexity while providing the ability to perform detailed analysis of multiple SAP environments. Read this white paper and learn how automation software can remove the tedious manual effort from your next SAP consolidation project and free your staff to focus on strategic planning and execution.
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    Top Ten Questions on Enterprise Inventory Optimization from SAP Customers | 
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    Description: Many companies today are looking for sustainable ways to lower inventories and improve service levels. Interest in finding a scalable, automated, and integrated Enterprise Inventory Optimization (EIO) solution is increasing among SAP customers. This paper answers the most common questions regarding EIO and explains how companies can begin adding this key capability into their existing or planned SAP® implementations to improve supply chain performance. Readers will gain a better understanding of what EIO is, the benefits it provides, how it fills a critical SAP “white space,” the significance of the various SAP partner certification levels, and how EIO differs from other supply chain optimization approaches.
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    Easy Integration of Excel with SAP Solutions for Financial Data by Winshuttle, Inc. (October 10, 2006) | 
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    Description: Excel remains an important productivity application at most companies and many information workers maintain or receive their data in Excel files, especially accounting, budgeting, and other financial data. In companies that have implemented various SAP solutions, these Excel data silos end up being very counterproductive due to delays involved in getting the Excel data into the SAP system in a timely fashion. This article describes how to easily integrate Excel data with SAP solutions and the resulting benefits from such integration - reduction in financial closing time, reduction in data entry resources, and availability of timely data for reporting.
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    Legacy Integrator for SAP NetWeaver | 
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    Description: Are you facing or expecting to face the challenge of incorporating the SAP® Exchange Infrastructure (SAP XI) functionality of the SAP NetWeaver platform with complex yet vital legacy applications? Read this paper to find out how Software AG's Legacy Integrator for SAP NetWeaver can help you turn that challenge into a success. This white paper gives you an overview of the architecture and unique features of Legacy Integrator for SAP NetWeaver and guides you through the simple steps needed to implement a bi-directional integration scenario.
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    Successful ERP Implementation the First Time | 
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    Description: It’s not pretty out there. Companies
    have spent fortunes on ERP software
    and implementation only to find
    that business performance has not
    improved at all. These large investments
    and negative ROIs have created
    a whirlpool of controversy, rampant
    company politics and even a number
    of lawsuits. The trade press has reported
    many negative ERP stories, and
    even annual reports have pointed the
    finger at ERP for lower-than-expected
    earnings. For some, this has created a
    higher level of fear about making a big
    ERP mistake.
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    ПлохоНе оченьТак себеНормальноОтлично
    Description: "So, how many IT people will be here on Saturday?" It was Wednesday afternoon, and our CFO and I were going over the pre-go-live plans for the first phase of our ERP conversion: converting our back-office accounting functions. This was his phase, and there was concern in his voice. "Just two, plus I'll be in," I said. "Two? This is an IT project, isn't it?" he said with humor, but the tension of more than a year's planning was there too. He was concerned that there would be twice as many ...
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    Internal Controls, Fraud Detection and ERP | 
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    Description: What is SERADEX ERP?
    Seradex is an ERP application
    processing data from a database. It
    offers flexible configuration and
    security options. Seradex links data in
    real time across the traditional
    business functions such as salesproduction-
    inventory-procurement and
    An important point to note is to
    realize that Seradex ERP is an
    application program, like Microsoft
    Excel or Word. It typically sits between
    the end user and a database
    management system (such as SQL
    Server) and controls the adding,
    changing and deleting of data from
    that database.
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