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    UK companies give thumbs-down to ERP 16.01.08
    According to the government, UK businesses don’t implement ERP systems.
    Results of research say that only 6.5 percent of 8,000 business organizations used ERP software in 2006. Another researches show that less than a third of all UK corporations (30.2 percent) are inclined to be implementing ERP software.
    Gartner research director Chad Eschinger noted that implementing of ERP software in UK was “lower than expected” but was probable to be “in line with other technology mature countries and markets”.
    As for the United States, the greatest infiltration of ERP software is in the top 2000 businesses by size, “which we estimate to be closer to 95 percent plus penetration”, Eschinger said. “As we move down in size of enterprise the revenue and penetration trails off significantly by the lower end of employee size. If I look at our research, which applies revenue by similar size of company bands worldwide there are similar percentages.”
    The ONS investigation discovered that CRM systems had been implemented by a superior percentage of organizations. 11.1 percent of them said that they realized CRM to distribute information inwardly. 10.9 percent of them implemented CRM software to maintain external marketing work.
    In bigger organizations with more than 1,000 human resources, near 42 percent were realizing CRM software, while prejudiced statistics show that among all UK business organizations about 35 percent have implemented CRM. Unweighted information illustrates that small firms with between 10 and 50 employees are realizing considerably more use of CRM software than ERP software, where infiltration is just 3.8 percent.
    The investigation demonstrates considerable use of free of charge open source operating systems, for example Linux, which is implemented in bigger organizations, with 29.4 percent of business firms employing more than 1,000 employees going down the open source route.
    Among all the business organizations investigated, 6.3 percent confessed that they implemented open source. That fact means that among all UK business organizations more than one fifth – 22.6 percent - are now implementing open source operating systems.
    The ONS statistics cover personal segment organizations. Ministers have lately confessed that the government does not know how much open source operating systems it realizes, despite a 2004 pledge to avoid "lock-in" to proprietary systems.

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