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    Appraising your company's commercial approach 26.10.07
    Choosing an ERP system can appear a distressing experience caused by rivalry inside your own corporation, and besides who is to blame if the ERP package does not come up to expectations.

    So you should pay attention to the following questions concerning the commercial approach of your company:

    • Do your company traditions support/depress micro-management?
    • Does your corporation support fast conflict settlement or wait until problems will disappear naturally?
    • Can the director of the project control the essential responsibility and authority, or will he fail to do this?
    • Does your commerce atmosphere prize team involvement more than personal self-advertisement?
    • Can income be committed and reserved all the way through the period of the project?
    • Will all superior executives commit to individual as well as company aims?
    • Will the team share responsibility equally for breakdown and achievement?
    • Can you found a board to decide managing differences rapidly?
    • Will the director of project be a knowledgeable, esteemed, authoritative consumer?
    • Will top managers sustain the ERP project in case they have an earnings caution?

    Not many corporations can say “yes” to all of these questions. But it is very important to know the way your company controls everything to make your project successful.

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