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    Seeing the Future in the Automotive Industry... 15.05.07
    Let’s face it. It’s not easy being in the automotive supplier industry. Whether you’re a global, top-tier supplier with a complex product line or a smaller, regional player there’s no place to hide and ride out the fundamental transformation underway in the industry today. Ignore changes caused by this transformation and you risk your long-term survival. To say your business is challenged is an understatement.

    The automotive industry is highly complex. It has been since the days of Henry Ford and the first assembly line. But the industry is in such a state of change today that this complexity is reaching new levels. The products themselves are getting more complex. And demands for new configurability create more complexity in an already complex manufacturing process. If you add to this, the industry-wide transformation resulting from globalization, ever intensifying competition, and the push of new requirements from customer to supplier, you have the setting for a stressful, high-risk business environment. It’s not surprising that executives at virtually all automotive suppliers are feeling the pains of competing in this high-risk, high-stakes business climate.


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