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    Free Web-based To Do List Software Available From 15.05.07
    Free software service enables individuals and groups to keep and share multiple to do lists online

    /24-7PressRelease/ - SAN FRANCISCO, CA, May 10, 2007 - ( today announced the availability of free online to do list software for individuals and groups. Keep And Share's online to do lists offer a fresh and simpler approach to to do list management aligned to the needs of non-technical people who want to keep multiple to do lists for themselves as well as for groups. Keep And Share online to do lists offer the essential features of traditional and expensive to do list software, plus the ability to securely share different to do lists with different groups from a single, free online source.
    Keep And Share's free online to do list software is available today at:
    "I became very frustrated with the Microsoft to do list software that came with my computer." said Ken Dickens, Keep and Share member. "A one-size-fits-all to do list just doesn't work for me. Keep and Share lets me keep different to do lists for my business overall, my individual client projects, several for my family, and specific to do lists to manage specific service club and group committees like my local Rotary and my local church. I have different to do lists for all of these groups, and can share them easily and securely using Keep and Share. Being a list person, this is huge from me. This is what the computer and Internet were made for, and I can't believe it is free!"
    "No person is an island", said Robert Carr, CEO of "Everyone is interconnected with their extended family, extended business, and extended social groups. The Internet explosion has proven this. With Keep And Share multiple shared to do lists, we provide a free service that taps into this real-world multiplicity of needs that no individual stand-alone software product such as Microsoft Outlook can match. Multiple and securely shared to do lists are a wonderful example of Keep And Share's vision of enabling and simplifying group sharing and communications using the power of the internet."
    Free online to do lists are an example of Keep and Share's secure shared file and document capabilities. is a new free Web 2.0 file sharing and group communications service envisioned and created by a team led by Robert Carr, a successful and widely acknowledged pioneer in the software industry.
    For complete details, please visit: ( is the free website that makes group file sharing easy. With a few clicks, anyone can create a secure group file sharing center in 30 seconds. is like a private "MySpace" where families, friends, clients, clubs, and groups of any kind can keep and share files, documents, calendars, lists, journals and photos safely and privately. With over 10,000 registered members, and membership doubling almost every month, is among the web's fastest growing sites.
    Robert Carr(415) 307-1454r.carr@keepandshare.com


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