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    Free Photo Sharing for Groups and Families Now Available from 15.05.07
    Share photos in a secure, private sharing environment with unique 'instant viewing' photo blogs.

    /24-7PressRelease/ - SAN FRANCISCO, CA, May 13, 2007 - ( today announced it's secure group photo sharing and photo blog capability. Users can upload and share an unlimited number of photos for free, creating photo blogs with a single click.
    KeepandShare's photo blogs are a new and unique capability in the photo sharing market. Photo blogs are online, journal-like photo albums with unlimited capacity for text descriptions before and after each photo in the journal - the rich text headlines and captioning are ideal for 'telling a story' around the sequence of photos. Furthermore, since the photo blogs are viewed as a single document, a user can view and scroll through the entire photo blog instantaneously - providing 'instant viewing', which is a real relief compared to the typical 'one at a time' viewing metaphor of other photo sharing websites. KeepandShare's free photo sharing is available now at:
    "My extended family is spread around 7 cities in 2 states" said Tom Wolfson, marketing consultant in San Bernardino, California. "We use photo blogs to share our experiences with all of the 26 members of the extended family. My nieces in college post some hilarious photo blogs - the text annotations are often the best part, bringing the photo stories alive. Each family member has their own free KeepandShare account and they receive automatic notifications whenever there is a new photo blog from another family member available for them to view."
    Keep And Share's free photo sharing accounts can be accessed securely from any Internet connected computer. Users can easily control the sharing on every photo blog, allowing different people the right to see different photo blogs. A sample photo blog can be seen at:"I use KeepandShare's photo blogs to share business images - both photos and computer renderings - with colleagues. We place alternative designs in a single photo blog with descriptive text right along the photos", said Joy Block, a interior designer who uses Keep And Share. "My colleagues then use password controlled access to view the secure photo blog and post comments on the photo blog to indicate which proposals they like best." is the free website that makes group sharing easy. The new free photo sharing is available now at:

    About ( is the free website that makes group file sharing easy. With a few clicks, anyone can create a secure group file sharing center in 30 seconds. is like a private "MySpace" where families, friends, clients, clubs, and groups of any kind can keep and share files, documents, calendars, lists, journals and photos safely and privately. With over 10,000 registered members, and membership doubling almost every month, is among the web's fastest growing sites.
    Robert Carr(415) 307-1454r.carr@keepandshare.com


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